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Do some kind of VPN for me

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Need EXE, will run on Win7, 8, 10 - because need TCP stacks of these systems, all sorts of Linux does not suit this solution.

Here is the task:

1. We put on the virtual machine N modems HUAWEI 3G.
2. Create in the virtual machine N Internet connections for a 3G modem (Dual-up - the dialer is usually to the number * 99 #).
3. Run the EXE on the virtual machine, the program window opens.
In the window:
- IP address of the server where the control panel will be
- a list of modems and their connections that we have previously created
4. EXE connects to the server at the specified IP and sends it a list
modems and their status (online / offline / operating system name).
5. Go to the control panel, see the list of modems, opposite the modem:
Mode_ID: server_IP: port_ which is associated with a mode: name of the system that is started_EXE: status_ON orOFF: connection_time ID
6. The control panel should have the function of periodically connecting all modems every N minutes.
This feature has ON and OFF status.
The time identifier is a random value of numbers and letters 30 characters long. This identifier is randomly generated every time a successful
connection to the Internet. Those. The modem has successfully connected to the Internet - this identifier is assigned, if it was off and on - the identifier will already be different.
7. Register the server's IP and port as Socks 5, for example, in the browser - if the modem is connected to the Internet to which this is assigned
port - the browser will issue the external IP of the mobile operator.
8. If we need to individually turn off and turn on the connection on the modem to change the IP address, we send to the server
in the form of an API command with a secret API key and modem ID, and the name of the event, for example, RECONNECT.
The server receives this command and sends it to the exe. When the modem is reconnected, the EXE sends an answer to the server about it.
Next, we can find out if the modem is back in service or not — send a request to the server to get the status of modems and see
if the identifier is changed, then there was a disconnection and a successful connection occurred.

In what language the EXE will be written - it does not matter, to use the RAS API to work with the modem, exclude any bats and other crutches at once.

All proxies must be on SOCKS 5.