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Django developer for sync script for project similar to

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Hi, there,
I need a django app for my website (
This app will synchronize the contents of streaming platforms with our db: movies and TV series. A bit like, but it will be a section of my site.
Our db has both the imdb_id and the tmdb_id, so your job is to take the feeds, the API or whatever you can find, and do:
1- import the initial availability catalog (only the first time)
2 - a script that keeps the synchronization updated daily: additions, deletions, price changes for each platform, each content, etc..
Then we will create an associative table between our db tables: TV series and movies and your tables that you will create with the data of the streaming platforms. So you don't need to have our db.

The platforms I'm interested in are both international and Italian, but the programming I'm interested in for international services is ONLY ITALIAN. So Netflix only Italy, Amazon Prime Video only Italy, etc..
Some are monthly subscriptions, others free, others pay per view, others mixed:
*Amazon Prime Movies,
*Rakuten TV,
*Google Play,
*Youtube Originals,
*Apple iTunes,
*TimVision, ?
*Mediaset Premium Play,

For Chili I already have an official feed with the authentication data I can pass you.
For Infinity I have an excel file that they send me 2-3 times a week, that I can send you in an email box.
For the others instead you will have to look for you, bees or reliable feeds that allow you to extract everything I need, then:

1-Univocal content ID decided by the platform
2-ID platform (foreign key) to a table platforms, which is the list above
3-Category of content according to that platform, so whether it is a TV series, a movie or other specifying it (documentary, TV show). For this you should use a foreign key
4-Imdb_id and Tmdb_id (some platforms have it, for the others you'll have to parse the Italian title with the two sites and extract the data of the most similar title)
5-Eventual prices for each resolution and if it is rent or buy
6-Direct link to content of platform
7-Other information that the platform provides

Consider that availability depends on the record in this table, so if the record is there: the content is available for that platform, if the content is removed, the record should be deleted.

The table should be structured like this:
point 1 will be a varchar because not all platforms have numeric id
points 2 and 3: fk
point 4 are 2 varchar fields with the id imdb and tmdb
for points 5 and 6 you must use a json that contains this information
For point 7 you have to use another json with the other information that gives the platform (e.g. available images, link to deepening card etc.).

We are in contact with some of the services we need. In case they send us accesses to API or official feeds I can send them to you.

I do not know if all platforms can be imported in the same quality of data, the project will not be considered failed if some of the platforms can not have them, I would like to establish a qualitative scale of data and pay on the basis of this.
For each platform I would say that if the quality of the data is excellent and the import does not require manual processing, the payment is $ 50, if the data is partial (or too many titles cannot be matched with imdb or tmdb) but no manual processing is necessary, the payment is $ 25, if the data of the first import is excellent but it is not possible to have a daily update script, the payment will be $ 25. If there is not a good quality of data and it will not be possible to make daily updates the script will be useless and there will be no payment.
So if all the scripts are great the total payment will be $700 (14 platforms x $50 each).

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