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Directory Protection With License Check

  • Posted at : 8 months ago
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I am looking for protection and licensing mechanism for AFL

1) On windows have a folder that is created and the AFL is kept safely

2) AFL should not be visible after windows folder policy change

3) In case an Unix or Unix like machine or VMware is loaded on windows then the folder should not be accessible

4) When the Amibroker calls the AFL to load there should be a request coming to MySQL and PHP based webhost which controls the access via licensing

5) If the user is registered and has validity then a grant access will be sent to remote machine and the protected folder will be created with latest AFL files

6) A validity check is made each day for accessing

7) Change of system date should also sent a requirement authentication and licensed check.

8) New user shall register and data will be stored in sql and it will be used to grant licensed and it's validity.

8) After every 1 hour the check of licence is done

9) if licensed is expired or server is not accessible then the remote machine will delete the folder and no AFL will be available.