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We have been in F&B consultancy in the UAE since 2009. We have recently launched an online platform that caters to the same needs as well as other features that, we have gathered from the research and insights, are needed in the region. 

Hence, we created a platform called Dyafa. The platform consists of several components as mentioned below: 
  • online consultancy requests
  • Some free downloadable resources for restaurant owners/ Hotel Management students etc. 
  • Membership programs to access the entire library of downloadable content 
  • Job posting (Somewhat a specialized LinkedIn for Hospitality) 
  • Webinars and forums that explain the latest trends

and many more features. 

In a nutshell, it is a platform that forms the hub of the F&B industry in the region. The website is launched

I am reaching out to use your services in order to launch our platform and have a short term and long term plan for us to be able to reach our KPIs. 

Our objective for now is awareness and would like to target users that are in the relevant field. the target audience can range from restaurant owners, people that are planning to be in the industry in the next year or two, people that work in the industry and that aren't necessarily the owners, F&B students etc. (feel free to suggest more options) 

We have a lot of content that is very detailed and thorough, so SEO shouldn't be a challenge. So we need to start with an offsite SEO strategy that  allows us to get traffic to the website. later we can fine tune the strategy with the data that we collect and move further down the funnel and work on a performance based model (CPS, Cost Per Subscription). 

We would also like to couple it with a hardcore social strategy that includes Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn (also feel free to suggest any other platforms, if you deem valid). 

At this point, i would like to get a 6 months plan that includes both search and social as per your recommendation (reach, keywords relevancy and audience profile). the target market is GCC + Levant + Africa. 

NB: this is  a long term project, I need someone to commit .
ARABIC content is a must (no google translate)
Feel free to contact me, if you would like to discuss this further. 

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