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Digital artist for drawing vector faces

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We search artists that draw in a digital format - photoshop or other programs. Here examples of works what we need to draw in photoshop or other formats - 
These are drawn persons of people, in cartoon style, do not mix up with caricatures. A head corresponds to the scale from a photo, smile, all mimicry exactly as in a photo. Invent nothing is needed. To draw because in an example. It needs to draw both separately heads from photos and there are orders on all head and trunk. Main Requirement to draw in style, be always on connection, to understand a task, set questions. For this purpose we give to you all information corresponding to style, patterns with the sizes of every part of body in the format of photoshop or other.  For the economy of time we recommend first of all to describe the clear contours of head and trunk, with dividing into pens and legs, then paint it as a coloring, and then face details and small details of the face and body. 
We pay 2,5$ for one picture of head/face, and 3,5$ together with a trunk. Necessarily we give a trial task, it needs to be executed in the flow of day. 
Work not difficult, remote, we can give to 5 orders in a day, Minimum willingness to execute a 1 head for 6 hours, with preliminary collation. 
-Regular orders every day 
-Necessarily we give a trial task, it needs to be executed in the flow of day.