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Devops - Migrate Web Application from AWS to Google Cloud GCP

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We have a Web application production  instance ( one instance) on AWS. We need to migrate it on Google Cloud. The following steps will be required.
1.  Create a copy and migrate existing AWS webapp  on Google cloud.
2. Create a copy of it as a development system. Integrate the development system with GIT
3. Make a image of development system and mirror to production.
4. Deploy Multicountry database on both development and production system.
5. Deploy autoscaling on the production server
Our application is in React with Django as backend and SQL as data base

Based on the country of the user logged in the database the application should be able to save data in GCP in databases linked to the application . For example if the user if from US the data should be saved into US database and from India in India database and so on. Default we will have three databases US, India and Canada.
We can either create a micro-service like structure:

- Use docker to create multiple containers of the same code (multiple identical codebase) for each country. Each container will have its own DB and unique IP.
- A Gateway app will receive all the requests from React app and will decide which container to forward it to.
This way your actual backend code will remain unchanged and we won't have to modify each API to handle multiple countries.
This will also solve many complications that would arise in the other approach, e.g. How to handle migrations and other core CLI tools, etc.

Using CI/CD and Git, we'll be able to keep the code synchronised in each container automatically.