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DevExpress Dashboard Integration in Angular / iOnic Project

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1 - our primary focus would be creating custom connection string for our Project
2 - Our real world scenario would be as below

Backend Service – High Level Scope
- Interface to connect with our backend (Java / Hibernate / MySql)
- Option to create bridge/Data mapper service to connect with Tenants
- We have created various source (views or summary tables)
Designer / Viewer
- Angular/ iOnic front end component will call the backend service and get the data source (based on the tenant ID , user id etc.)
- We would like to allow our end user to create their custom report (using our views)
- using our data source they can add new reports.

Current status :
- We have build our back end project on Java - Hibernate - MySql
- Our back end is accessible via rest api's
- Our wish was integrating Dashboard utility with our java server
- At the moment we have added dashboard component to our ionic / angular project
- We are able to open the dashboard pages but its connecting to the static service
- we would like to connect it with the actual database

What we learnt that Dashboard component need .net core or service (Our current connection (Java / hibernate connection) cannot be used.

Out of & .net core we have selected .net core -- reason was - our java app was deployed on linux server and we wish to deploy dashboard server service on the same server

From available documents we Needs to create .net core project which should have an option to add new data source with wizard
Useful links from Dev Knowledgebase

You can refer to demo where this approach is demonstrated:
C:\Users\Public\Documents\DevExpress Demos 18.2\Components\Dashboard\CS\AspNetCoreDashboard
You can use the same approach in your ASP.NET Core application.

Web Dashboard doesn't provide a way to create custom connections. However, in our case, we can try using an alternative approach. We can create predefined connection strings for our users in the appsettings.json file. Then, create a default connection string provider using the SetConnectionStringsProvider method.

ASP.NET Core Dashboard Control - This is the main article where you can find links to main concepts.
DevExpress.AspNetCore Namespace - Here you can find ASP.NET Core Dashboard API.

corresponding documentation articles and in the Common Features section where we describe cross-platform concepts.

Hope this will help, Do let me know if you need any other information,