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Developer candidate test platform

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I need a developer candidate test platform (like hackerrank, so more simple), in this place i´ll be able to input a list of questions, We´ll have two question types:

1) multiple option: I register the question, create the answer options as well the correct answer (or list of correct answers). The platform´ll save a test, this test will have a list os questions, this questions will have a list of options (in screen option this will be showed like A, B, C, D). The question will have a correct answer (or more than one correct).
In the other hand the platform will have a candidate, this candidate will be associate a list of questions, this questions will have a list a correct answers.

2) Java method code test: In this test type the candidate is able to input the method implementation code and the platform will compile it and execute junit tests showing the result in the screen.
The platform will be able to save a test, this test will have  a questions, this question will have a result compiled and pesisted in the repository, the platform need to apply a junit previously provided. 

Each question will have a maximum duration and after that the page will go to the next question or if the test is in the last question the test will be finalized.

I need 1 web angular5  or more project for this (front end - web) and other java Spring Rest services (backend).

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