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Develop Desktop Application Invoice and Estimate .

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Skills Required
  • Windows
  • Desktop_App
  • Windows10
  • Invoice
  • Estimate

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Desktop application  Invoice and Estimate

Note :  Proposal ONLY from those , who has previously Completed  POS Desktop software with Database.  ( Must have  knowledge  of  Printing , receipt , Reports , Creating setup. database Backup / Restore , Activation Module. )

Note :  Worker will create a  Setup that will install all the Requisite  Automatically , NO manual setting.

RE:  Estimate &
Invoice.  Software for Windows 10        32/ 64 Bits

( Can Create Invoice 
or First Create Estimate and then on approval Create Invoice from
Estimate no. )

( Above software is for Reference
ONLY.   There is no copy right on

Please check the
working of this software from their web Site.

Can you do  similar
software LIKE THIS Some what simpler?

It should NOT  Look
copy of above mention software.

Estimate & Invoice. 
( for Service and Items / Products )

All format like USA : Phone and Address format ( Phone
will allow upto 11 digits to cover USA 
“123-456-7890” and UK / Europe format “ 01234567890” )

Customer Module

Inventory Module ( Add item with Category.   “Seller can also type in Item, Quantity and

Vendor Module

Sale Module




( Printing , Invoice will be Printed in
8.5x1”  paper call Letter Size )

Activation / Registration

Backup / Restore Module .

Multi currencies / Countries

Text Box Address Format as in USA Alpha Numeric  1Company Name2Address3City 4State5Zip With Activation module. ( the
software will first install as Demo for 30 Days .

[On Receipt it will print DEMO as company name and Address.

“the customer will send us company name and address”

Now based upon Company Name and Address first line , ( You will
have  KEY GENERATOR , that will generate
Key ) Now customer will add Company Name / Address and the KEY ,

Note :  For knowledge
sake ,  ONE part of “Key Generator” is
insulted in the Software that will Validate the KEY. ( If Company name /
Address is wrong it will NOT Activate the software)

Second Key Generator will be with us to Generate and send to


Software will work as Normal there will be no  30 days Limitation and “(Actual company Name will be printed on receipt ) you will create a setup for us ?

Need to Sign,  a Non-disclosure
Agreement ?

You will not Resell this software to any one else.

you will not disclose to any one and will NOT Sell or  Reuse, these source code ?

Will not Recreate a similar software for any one ?


Note:  Worker will
perform a Test on a  Non Development PC
with windows 10 / 32 Bits and 64 Bits . 
and will Provide Test result in word format .

Note :  We get Working
SETUP,  all the source code and a Help
Manual –and Key Generator )