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Develop an application in flutter

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Application Type: Native using Flutter

This application involves a basic GUI and REST API's to send/receive data from a server using GET/PUT/POST API's

The application front end
- shall have only one screen (scroll if required)
- shall read 2 IP addresses from the user
- shall have provision to read data addresses from a csv file that contains address with corresponding status and display to user
- shall allow the user to select one or more than one addresses at a time
- shall have 10 buttons/controls that would allow the user to invoke the REST API's
- shall be a fixed sequence in which user shall be allowed to invoke the REST API's. This shall be done by enabling disabling the button/control
- is expected to be convenient and appealing to the user
- shall be properly visible on standard sizes of android and ios phones 

The application back end
- shall implement 10 REST API's to communicate with the server 
- shall be able to update status information in csv file (CSV file will have maximum of 100 lines

Server to test the app will be be made available during the development.

Timeline: 7 days

Send a Proposal if you can do it and I will send a detailed Requirement Documents for further discussion if I shortlist your Proposal.