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Design Tabloid size newspaper Template and front page of the same.

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Objectives to be fulfilled:

1. Create a template for the tabloid (only front page) and create reusable graphics and illustrations to implement thematic and design. (Number of columns will be seven to eight)
2.  Use the same template for filling the content as necessary.

Points to be kept in mind while designing:

1.Set up the page of required size along with Margins, columns, gutter space
2.Use of Bleed across pages
3.Create Master Pages for double-page layout spreads with masthead for the front page 
4.Designing a template using Grid (column, baseline grid)
5.Designing and creating reusable page treatments (master page items, page numbers, rules, graphics, etc.
6.Colour Management (Define reusable colours)
7.Define Paragraph Styles, Character Styles for Headlines, Sub-headings, Byline, body copy, etc.
8.Place text using various methods (manual, auto-flow, semi auto-flow) on working pages
• Place images, illustrations with cutouts and text wrap.

Deliverables needed: 

1. Template used (with sample text) - here you will define all the elements on the front page starting from Headlines to bylines and Jumplines. You can use sample text, but headlines have to be proper.
2. The front page which has all the required content and element in place- In the template, everything is defined, now add all the final things necessary for completing a design.

Note: The template as the name suggests, will work as the frame for the final design.

File formats for each: IDML and PDF

Software to be used: Adobe Indesign 

Kindly please read the above instructions clearly and respond to the proposal only then. The work is urgent and needs to be completed by tomorrow afternoon.