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Design responsive website for real estate site

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We plan to launch a new website with a lot of data to explore the neighborhood of an address and need a good responsive design. This project is just about design. And just about the design of the main address page. Other pages and implementation will follow when we have a good design for the main page.

We have points of interest and need to find a good way to present the distance, slope, direction to the user.
We have data about the municipality and need a design to present all these attributes to the user and put them into relation to min/max/avg.
We have infos about financial burden (taxes etc) and want to compare it to the current place of living.

We imagine some mixture of tabular presentation, some graphics, some tabs, popups or expandable divs to go into details.

It will be important to understand the meaning of the different section on the page and the info to be displayed.

The page will serve for mobile and desktop users, with mobile as priority.