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Design, development and reporting of a project consisting of an application running in the cloud

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Design, develop and deploy an application in Amazon AWS cloud platform. It should
be noted that the application itself will not be assessed, but it must meet certain
requirements regarding the use of AWS services and design features. These
requirements are described below.

Produce a report describing the design and development steps of the application.
Present and demonstrate the design and application development steps. During
the presentation, the students will be asked questions that will determine the
“individual performance” (see table below).
General Requirements of the Application
Must use a database
Must include a client (can be a browser or a mobile app)
Must use a server accepting requests from the client
Should use static objects such as images
The application must be developed locally following the above requirements and then, when
tested and verified, deployed in the cloud. The development (and documentation) of the
application should be done in stages: -- server+client+DB (local). The deployment of the
application in the cloud should take into account following requirements (using AWS
Make the application highly available by using AWS services (e.g. availability zones -
2x servers in different AZs, ELB)
Setup users and roles (preliminary and where possible)
Design/define secured VPCs, (use of subnets private and public)
Ensure application security by using good security groups/settings. Lockdown
security groups/settings
Use databases with redundancy.
Design security and logging (cloud trail, network flows)
use of content distribution of static objects (e.g. images)
use of monitoring
use of S3
In the above requirements
MUST means a feature that is mandatory
SHOULD means a feature that will incrementally give a higher mark and/or is a
strong recommendation
The report should further contain the following
Description of every step in the design, development and deployment of the
application, supported by evidences (e.g. screen shots)
A cost breakdown that covers the current scenarios of the application and then
forecast different load scenarios.
Test cases (with test results documented)
A discussion on the security approach and demonstrating best-practices