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Deliver up-dated research for freelancing paltforms

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We are seeking a qualified and sufficient researcher with key skills of a data entry clerk to complete and update our research regarding freelancing platforms. The basic research part has already done; some platforms filtered, some still not; descriptions written in some but in some not; The main purpose of this job is to have a clear list of those platforms into a spreadsheet and indicate how and in which projects/jobs/tasks can those platforms can be used. In summary we eventually need to have a complete freelancing guide that will include the below categories:A. Copywrite (it's copywrite not copyright - big difference)
B. Audiovisual content (video, photos, audio)
C. Remote office assistance (typing up forms, dealing with emails, renaming files, updating records, doing online research, typing up and correcting company agreements, etc)
D. Web-design/coding (websites, landing pages, API connections, code automation and things of that sort)
E. Influencer marketing
F. Call centers
G. Recruiting Portals
H. Senior Roles (Top Freelancing Talents)
I. Graphic Design
J. Micro tasks (Simple / Menial / Procedural / Repetitive/ Microtasking/ AI Training Data)
K. Electronic Product Development (Cad and 3D Design)
L. Cloud & IT Solutions
Taking into consideration that we will give you the research almost ready (will share with you the doc with what we found that is developed per category) and also the spreadsheet that you need to update, this job requires a freelancer with previous research and data entry experience.To sum up we need to record those freelancing platforms and their main services , we need to update current columns with all freelancing platforms included into the search document and also we need to include two extra columns: Teamworking (yes/no); and Enterprise/Business/Admin Account (yes/no) {Example: Upwork is both ‘yes’}