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Decision making based high volume API calls and JSON parsing

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Hi All, pl. take a note of the below points, before you submit the BID:

1. The app should be developed in CoreJAVA (No spring, maven, etc.,)
2. Developer should able to access MariaDB on our server for data inputs (we will provide the access details).
3. Deploy the code on server and update the database with the results.
4. Time is very critical, BIDs without expected timelines will not be accepted, on missing the deadline, we will initiate the refund process

We are building a small tool which identifies the value / variable, based on the JSON data retrieved from  multiple (~100-200) API calls. The steps follow as below:

Step 1: The API takes in a parameter, actor name. This actor name can be retrieved from the DB. And uses this information to make the first API call.

Step 2: Once the API call returns the JSON data, the entry with the latest timestamp should be identified and check if the latest entry passes the validation criteria of the actor. Go to step 1, if validation failsGo to step 3, if validation succeeds

Step 3: After the validation succeeds, make another API call with the actor name and process the returned value.
Repeat this process for all the actors in the DB to make 5 different APIs sequentially for each actor

The cycle ends after filtering 10 actors that match the validation/criteria from all the 5 step validation process. 
The tool is very time-sensitive and the whole process described above for all actors is expected to be completed in ~10 seconds.

Tech requirements:  MariaDB and Java 11+ on Linux. Please do not use any third party plugins/libraries except for parsing the JSON data and connecting to the MariaDB. 

Completed application should be hosted on our server. API Keys will be provided to the developer.