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Database slow queries and file and database optimisation + Customization

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Price can be discussed over chat.

Will you be able to resolve this?

I have over 13000 taxonomies on woo commerce and it loads the site where the categories exist very slow. Plus a page in where vendors can add their products loads very slow due to the number of taxonomies.categories and it also loads 87000 KB of scripts?? I need these combined or server in the smallest of file.

I have Redis, cache plugin and Nginx caching plus Cloudflare installed.

I found some articles and WordPress says to add them to object cache etc. but Ideally I want the pages that load these to be as fast as possible anywhere in my site.

Any suggestions and solutions welcome.

I found this which may be helpful also:

Redesign one page of the WCFM multivendor dashboard at the frontend through PSD or suggested solution by you keeping in mind that it needs to be lightweight and mobile-optimized and responsive.

Can discuss more details over chat.

Long term work for those that resolve the database large taxonomies and large script files issues in the most efficient way and the design on the dashboard.

Thank you.