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Dashboard using Angular

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A dashboard needs to be created. This will depict real time data from server.
The dashboard shall include the following UI components:

1. Timeline chart
2. Tabular data
3. Report generation
4. Some smaller UI widgets which shall show parameters from server


Initial Load:
Login screen* 
Login successful:
User Role received. Based on user role links from the dashboard left panel will be activated/disabled.
Configuration data received:
UI will be rendered with layout, tiles for devices, empty chart, user details
Device data received:
Tiles, chart will be updated
Server alive signal (every 2 sec)
Chart update shall happen with previous state
Device data received(for n number of devices)
Chart for the specified devices shall update with latest state. May have to update the previous state timeline based on the start time for current received state.
Chart of other devices shall continue previous state rendering.
Shift change:
Chart(Reset) should start rendering for the new shift.
Chart Mode change: Current Shift; Current Day; Start and EndTime
Chart time range should change accordingly and request for data to be made to server.
Tiles also shall be changed based on the data

Other required features:

Tooltip for chart
Zoom-in/out option for time line chart. X-Axis zoom.
The states in timeline shall be clickable. On double click or context menu – Editor for adding data related to some state in timeline.
All the downtimes (eg.: state – Idle) for the current shift shall be shown in the table below chart.

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