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Custom Software Development

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We are looking forward to go for website development and support at later stages in due course of time. 
Following are the basic needs we are looking at:
Few of them listed below.....
1. Inventory........... Vendor details, Tagging / Labeling of the Raw material. Shortfall of material highlights.
2. Employees attendance linking from Bio matrices  and auto generation of hours worked for Weekly payments....with any deductions. Monthly Payments
3. Expenses 
4. Orders from Clients.... Kids (Girls/Boys), Adults.....formats. Work Shop order Sheets. Snap Shots with Shipping Address to clients which includes the Order reference numbers. Before shipping payments dues must be poped up.
5. Address labels with Order reference and shipping due date...
6. Shipping tracking
7. Accounting
8. Birthday wishes...
9. Material Request, payment made, Inward shipping details.....
10. Most popular 
11. Dash board with orders, Pieces pending....ready to ship....sequence of Orders. Orders progress....
12. Workshop Screen (TV/Monitor) display about the status of orders / work progress.....etc..
will update further to add if any requirements necessary as we come across.....