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Custom Calendar, List, Journal, and course app

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A custom mobile app. IOS & Android compatible. 

Calendar Feature (G-Calendar). Ability to see daily, weekly, and monthly schedules. Ability to add and delete one time and recurring events. Ability to set events for specific time blocks such as 9:15AM to 9:30AM. Ability to categorize events into categories and sub categories. Ability to add pop reminders and alarms to events. Feature to automatically open the app to certain predefined pages at a time specified by the user. Ability to mark an event as completed including time of completion. Ability to have an superimposed over the date when a task is marked complete. We want it to look and feel like Google calendar and a clone with minor modifications would be acceptable. 

Routine Creator (no known example)
Ability to create, save, and export to the calendar a routine that consists of activites chosen from a predefined list where users can define the amount of time they will devote to the activity as well as the time they will start the activity and what days they will perform the activity on. 

Task/List Manager (Keep plus a master list)
A master list that has 15 attributes and can be sorted by the attributes. Also, most attributes could be viewed as their own lists (for example you have a list item "buy cheese" that has a "project" attribute of "prepare brunch event" and a "context" attribute of "shopping" . In this case you could bring up the individuals lists for "shopping" and "prepare brunch event" and each list may have more items that share their respective attributes You could. List making ability that merges into a master list.

Daily and weekly journal entries can be made into predefined fields.  There will be many predefined types of journal entries the user can use such as a calorie counting journal, and an exercise journal. This data is aggregated into a master journal to analyze trends, data, streaks, and other numerical data.

Exercises for users that can be coded to have specific rest and work intervals and are illustrated by colored circles expanding and contracting.

Course (
Users can unlock new journals, audios, and reading materials by completing prerequisite journals, audios, and reading materials. These will be unlocked through a branching tree style RPG skill representation where each "skill" would represent a new reading lesson, audio, or reading material.