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Crypto trading robot improvements

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The project
A crypto trading robot really well written in NodeJS, from a open source project that I want to extend with some functionality and fix two bugs.

The project consists off (Short term)..:
- Log(write) more data to the console!
- Extend the config file with some functionality that gives the robot ability to trade with coins already owned and not buy new coins on each trade!
- Bug: The robot are able to compound all trades, but there are some bugs that need to be fixed!
- Bug: The robot fails to buy from the exchange due to not seeing the minimal sats it are able to buy (Must be fixed)

All issues are already described and you will be working with a person that have written code for many years.

Long term
When the above issues are fixed, there are many other features that should be developer in the bot. For the right person this will be a long time engagement task.

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