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Crowdfundign manager needed

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OVERVIEW - We want to do crowdfunding for a healthcare IT project that involves providing cancer services for patients located in developing and developed world, absolutely free of charge. We want to use social media our maximum benefit for the purpose of campaigning and crowdfunding. We would like to employ a crowdfunding manager to actively create a strategy and execute it. TIMELINE - The duration of the campaign is what two months. The first month we will create a strategy and start optimizing the campaign 2 get the maximum possible backers. We will create a profile of backers in terms of their location, habits and demographic characteristics. In the second month, we will start the campaigning using crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter/indiegogo/Facebook QUALIFICATION - We would need the freelancer to be aware of the latest trend and standard operating procedures in crowdfunding campaigns. Preference will be given to those who have got a prior experience of crowdfunding. FUTURE OPPORTUNITIES - Even though this has been advertised as a one-off position, we will need the crowdfunding manager to carry on doing more projects for us if this project turns out to be a successful one. RESPONSIBILITIES - Responsibilities of crowdfunding manager 1. Forming Strategies for a successful campaign 2. Content creation e.g. script writing, releasing updates. 3. Campaigning - creation, and monitoring. REMUNERATION - 200 GBP per month x 2 negotiableC