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CRM/Dashboard using ReactJS and Golang

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A CRM/Dashboard project.The initial version have only minimal pages. After the initial version is out there, more complex UI functionalities will be added to make the web app more appealing and useful.

A ReactJS front end app with Golang as backend. The web app will be simple and friction-free and work entirely based on RESTful APIs.

In the proposal, do add answers for the following:
1. How long have you been working on react and Golang. Answer for both the technologies separately. 
2. How many hours can you spend on a weekly basis
3. Are you willing to build an application from scratch and be part of the core team
4. You will have a team lead and other stakeholders looking at your code and reviewing and asking to improve. are you someone who takes responsibility and like to improve based on suggestions
5. Well versed in writing fully mocked, unit tested, A-B tested applications?