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Creative, detailed oriented writers needed for research project

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Dear applicant:

You are participating in the first phase of a fully paid test project to see if AI-assisted research can turn into quality articles faster and better than traditional human research. If successful, you and four other contributors will form a virtual research team and create white papers (wikipedia-level) to help small and medium sized companies acquire technical competence and digitize their businesses. 

For this project, we will produce a white paper to explain to a government agency why and how it should invest more in AI-based processes. If you are selected, you and four other candidates will be invited to participate in a virtual collaboration environment, where you will receive a collection of reference materials and have access to a text analyzer that will automatically select the most important key points. Your job is to review the key points highlighted by the AI and write a compelling and informative article. 

There are three phases to this project. Please read the following instructions carefully as they will determine your eligibility to proceed to the next phase:

1. Bidding/Knowledge Testing Phase: To participate in this project, please write a 100-200 word paragraph on how AI-based processes are different from business processes that simply use digital tools/software. This phase is unpaid.

2. Research/Writing Test: This phase is paid. You will receive an academic paper and you will be asked to write a 300-400 word review on it. From this stage, you will also be invited to the virtual collaboration environment, where you will have access to a text analysis tool. 

3. Project Phase: You and four other writers will collaborate on the production of the white paper. Each of you will receive the sources that you will analyze using an AI, and will be invited to write a 3000-4000 word article on your assigned topic. Of course, this phase is also remunerated. 

A few points to keep in mind regarding the project. 

1. If you are selected for the second phase, you will be asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement to continue with the project. 

2. You are encouraged to interact with the other candidates in the virtual collaboration environment, but keep in mind that your work will be evaluated individually and that only 5 candidates will be selected and remain in the environment for the final phase. 

3. As you will be asked to write a 300-400, and a 3000-4000, please provide a separate quotation as well as the expected turnaround time for each. 

4. There is zero tolerance for plagiarism at any stage of the project. Your writings will be reviewed by a university-level plagiarism checker. Any infraction will be considered a breach of trust and the applicant will be immediately disqualified without compensation. If you must cite your research, please follow Harvard's referencing style. 

We thank all applicants for their interest in this project. However, only those selected for the final project round will receive feedback on the writing submitted.