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Creating database for German market, contacting companies, making proposals

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We are
looking for a specialist with good knowledge of German- English (or German-
Russian) language (preferably located in Germany) who will search for
representatives of our target audience exclusively in Germany, build the contact database and have direct contact with them
through social services. network / email / phone. Any communication channel can
be used to achieve a result. 
Who we are:
A breeding company from Poland, which is engaged in the development of new
soybean varieties. We have 18 varieties registered in the EU, as well as a wide
arsenal of lines and combinations of soybeans. 
Whom we are
looking for: seed companies, large distributors of seeds of various
agricultural crops, including soybeans, breeding companies that have NOT
previously worked with soybeans, but who want to expand their activities. 
What we
1. Visit our Field Presentations, which will be held in Poland and
Ukraine, where it is possible to see our varieties and lines in the field or
come to our fields at any convenient time in order to... 
2. Select and purchase
soy lines or order us combinations for crossing, and we will create a soybean
line for the customer, which will be able to be applied for registration as a
variety, and finally buy from us full ownership on soybean variety. 
Participate in an online auction to purchase ownership on soybean varieties.
More detailed information about our proposal will be provided for review later
in order to understand what kind of talk to lead with the audience during a
direct contact. 
What needs
to be done: 
A. Form a contact database for Germany
using the following columns in Excel: 
• company
• type
(seed, distributor, agricultural holding or breeding) 
• web site 
• legal
• email 
• name of
the director, manager or any other employee responsible for making the decision 
• result of
sending an e-mail (successfully received, not sent, did not reach ...) 

communication channel through which there was successful communication (social
network or telephone) 
• result
(they promised to come, got acquainted and think over, do not want to work with
soy, there is no time to come, it is uninteresting and WHY NO) 
B. Contact
the company by any channels - Linkedin, Facebook (if effective) or a direct
phone call. To get in touch with the management of the company in order to
present our proposal and to know the back reaction. Record the result in a
Purpose: to
reach the target audience as much as possible, talk about our proposal, invite
to a Field Presentation and ideally achieve a positive solution in return. 
e-mail, invitation text and offer, as well as Skype, if necessary, will be

The price
for the project can be calculated as a quotation for each found contact. The
price is for negotiation.