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Creating Corporate Video Initial Trial

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We are into the Aviation business. We are wanting to make a full fledge corporate video for our company. But unfortunately due to the lock down, we are unable to make shoots and our own exclusive frames.

Hence we decided to wait until lock down is over.

Meanwhile, we thought to also find out good and skilled video makers, editors, who can help this creation. So initially we will do a small project as follows, for which we have a low budget, as we still have to test people skill.

Because of lock down, now time being the following way you will get this:

We will either give you some 10-11 you tube links, on which we will give you precise min or seconds of video that you have to cut. Once you have around 12-15 cuts altogether from the links provided, then you have to start the work. Or may be we may give you the cut frames of video.


Voice Over  (Not must, but if you add within a limited budget can see)
Bit of Graphic Designs, Visual Effects, Sound
Loops, framing of video cuts, text writing etc.

All text contents, even the idea of making will be advice by us. We just want some one to create it.

If we like your project, the second big project after locak down getting over shall be with you.

This is a Sample video of our competitor for reference:

Please note that this one is high end. We don't want you to make exactly all these visuals. But yes, some good graphics, style, visual effects will be required, after all its a aviation corporate video.

People who want to proof your capabilities its the best time. After all .. having an Aviation company as your client is very unique and adds to your credentials in the market. Think and approach us.