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Creating a Complex English Academic Synonym Library

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The job involves creating a database of phrase
groups with similar meanings. For example, the user will be provided with a list
of phrases and they will be required to come up with similar phrases that is interchangeable
directly in a sentence without affecting the grammar or meaning.

Here is an example:  "This is a most common technique used
this field". The phrase groups the user will be required to produce are
as follows.

  1. most
    common, most popular, very common, very popular
  2. used in,
    utilized in, employed in
This work requires excellent command of
both written and speaking English. The user will have to be very imaginative
with words and as well as be very conscious about replacement phrases not
affecting the structural integrity of the sentence. This work requires a lot of
patience and focus. After producing each phrase group, the user will be required to use a software tool to check the replacement phrases in a wide
variety of sentences and confirm that they are valid replacements.