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Create Online Course On Wix

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I want to hire someone to design my website on Wix. (I have already purchased a site on Wix). The website will include an online course that is about 20 pages that may only be accessed by paying members after they log in. Furthermore, I will also sell 3 other services on my website that will each have one page. Additionally, I would like to have a home page and a blog page. Within the course that I am selling, I want the ability to include a number of surveys/forms that collect user inputs so that I can download them onto an Excel file. The ability to collect user data via survey/form and download into Excel is essential. Additionally, all pages should be optimized for both mobile and desktop.

Since the project is quite large, I was thinking that maybe we can agree on a 3 phase approach to this:
The first phase will be to design the home page, blog page, sale/purchasing page where user can purchase my services, and 2 pages for paying-only members that includes 2 survey forms that can be downloaded into Excel. We would agree on a price for phase 1.
Assuming phase 1 is a success, then we would move on to phase 2 and complete 7-8 more pages of the website. Again, we would agree on a price for this as well.
Then, assuming phase 2 is a success, we can move on to phase 3 and complete the website. Again, this would also have a separate price.

I have not set a specific budget for this yet.

Thank you,