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Create augmented reality Android app in stereoscopic mode for AR headset

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Application Type: Native 

an augmented reality Android app using ARCore which replaces detected
QR codes with predefined static 2D (not 3D) images loaded from disk. The
app should work in stereoscopic mode (ie, visible through a headset
like Google Cardboard with the phone camera uncovered).

The app
should use only ARCore / Sceneform and other open-source / free for
commercial-use licenses. It should not use Unity. If there is a
technical reason why you believe the requirements cannot be fulfilled
without Unity – please discuss.

Other key features / points:
There can be up to 520 different images which have to be recognized.
This will need to be in a database as defined by Google itself.
When viewed by the user, these images need to be replaced by
corresponding images present in a “replacement image fileset”. Note that
for the replacement images, it is simpler to read files straight from
the file system – so that is acceptable for this project.
* However,
there will be at least two different such filesets (and capability must
be present to allow hundreds of such filesets).
* Switching between which fileset is to be shown is explained in the detailed notes.
All 520 reference images, and two sets of replacement images will be
provided. The number of images in the replacement filesets can be up to
20 (for common reference images), and up to 500 (for main reference
images). It is not mandatory that the replacement filesets will contain
20 common or 500 main images.

(You MUST read Project - Augmented Reality Android app - v5.docx to get a clear idea of the scope of this project)
(Project - Augmented Reality Android app - v5 contains full-sized images shown in docx file)

Timeline: 2-3 weeks

Please answer the following questions in your proposal / inquiry:
Question 1: What is the most complex past project you have done in the field of AR (Augmented Reality)?

Question 2: After reading the spec, what questions do you have about the project?