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Create and design screenshots for the App Store for the Japanese or Korean or Taiwanese market

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We're a mobile gaming company looking for artists to create and design 8 screenshots for our games' pages on the App Store and Google Play. 

The designs need to be tailored to one of the following markets: Korea, Japan, or Taiwan.
The market you will be assigned will be decided upon hiring interviews,  depending on your background and cultural knowledge. 

Goal and design guidelines:
The ultimate goal is to get the user to download the app. It should grab the attention, give some information, and be of good quality, focusing on popular/appealing elements to the assigned country mobile gamers.

Each screenshot concept must be delivered in JPG format in the following sizes: 
- 2732 x 2048
- 2208 x 1248
- 2688 x 1242

And the text used in the assets should be sent in PNG with a transparent background.

If you deliver high-quality work and are committed, we will certainly be open to allocating more assets to you. Also, if you are fast-paced, we can advance asset briefings for you as you complete your work.  Deadlines will be defined upon the hiring process. 

If mid-project, we evaluate that your work is not living up to what we aligned and expected, we will have to end our partnership early. Therefore, we will only pay for already delivered work and won't send further briefings. 

We will disclose specific games and current screenshots upon initial conversations. 
We are looking to hire 10+ freelancers, each allocated to one project.