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Create a simple VBA code in Excel

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I have several Excel files in a directory and looking to create a VBA Macro which can do the following:

1) Lookup all files in the directory and load each one of them, one by one
2) Search for the string specified by user input. The user can also specify the header names to match the column to search). Please give option to search multiple columns
3)  Copy the header row of the worksheet in a new excel file (calling it NewFile for easy reference later).
4) Add a column to the header with the workbook name in NewFile
4)  Once the user input is found in the row, copy that row to NewFile
5) Keep looping till all rows in the open worksheets are found (matching the user input) and copied to NewFile
6) Do the same for other worksheets in the same workbook
7) Insert a blank row after each worksheet/workbook completion
7) Repeat this for all workbooks in the folder
8) Keep checking if NewFile excel sheet is below 50MB. If it reaches 49 MB, start writing data to another new file called NewFile2

Attaching examples of some data file formats for easy reference. Need the work urgently so maximum of 2 days are available for project completion