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Creat app iPhone android for save or send some informations

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I would like an app for iPhone and Android so that customers can save certain information, send or save Documents taken in photo.
This application needs a home page with four categories: quote, prospection, news, and score. Other categories may be added later.
A page for the quote tab. It should make it possible to take pictures or scan documents, which will either be stored, or sent to an email address or other, I do not know what is possible.
One page for the Prospecting tab. It must record mailing addresses, street names, cities. That information has to be recorded somewhere.
A page for the news tab. It must allow you to post information regularly.
A page for the score tab, whose functionality is still to be defined.
I also need a notification system.

I am available if you have any questions about my project.
Is that possible for you? If so, what do you need me to provide (logo…), How many hours of work do you need, and in what time frame is this possible?
thank you very much