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Converting Forms into specified JSON

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Who is asking?
We are a German company that strives for digitalization and paperless bureaucracy in order to optimize process in general while matching economic, ergonomic and ecologic demands.

What do we need?

In order to provide an online service for digital applications of all kind and in order to digitalize several bureaucracy processes we need you to convert analogous forms into a JSON format, according to the requirements we provide.

What do we expect?
We provide all raw data and expect you to identify sections that are logically connected (often can be guessed by layout). Since the forms are available in German language, it would be a big plus if you are able to understand written German. Your English should be good enough to communicate requirements and conditions.

What else?
We have a lot work to be done, so don't be irritated by the amount of expected hours of work. If we are satisfied it will grow.
Regular (Video-)Calls are part of the job and should be possible at usual German business hours.

We are looking forward to receive your application!