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Convert Existing Blender Python Addon Script into IronPython and install into a Unity3D UI

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coder will be required to convert an existing Blender Python Mask
Generation Addon I have into IronPython and install and run it into an
open source Unity3D rendering program which has an IronPython API.

Blender Python script code takes a file with 65536 .txt
strings and when loaded into it and run the Python code generates .png
files with 256x256 squares with checkerboard pattern as masks. These
masks are then processed by the blender into a rendered video file
slideshow with a variable delay between the masks being shown.

Unity3d rendering program has a simple UI which has a file loading
field and can load and save scripts. After the Blender Python Mask Addon
is installed as the Unity3D Mask Script using the API the User
interface in the rendering program will need a tab and set of buttons to
open which control the new Unity3D Mask Generation Script. The Run
function causes the .txt file to be processed and generate a set of .png
mask files which are stored in a folder and render a slideshow of the
mask set and store that in another folder. If you reply to this post
please put the words Bluesky in your reply.

The Unity to Python link is based on

Unity3D rendering program UI Buttons that are needed in the UI for controlling the newly installed Unity3D Mask Generation Script will be:

1) Run Unity3D Mask Generation Script Addon script
2) Show PNG (.png) checkerboard images in Unity3D gaming screen (VR/Monitor)
3) Button to Play rendered file from Addon in Unity3D gaming video screen (VR) and monitor
4) Button to Play and send video playing to the desktop computers HDMI output