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Content to explain concepts based on real time implementation involving pratical work

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Need below topics related to ANALOG ELECTRONIC CIRCUITS with content explaining introduction to concepts, working principle, simplifying the concepts by explaining its implementation, practical work involved- by taking real time examples (case studies). 
Content should have block diagrams, infographics explaining concepts and free from Plagiarism.

Note: Main purpose is to explain concepts based on real time implementation involving pratical work to help
students understand the concepts better.

Please let me know if you are interested. 
If interested, let me know your budget, appx time required and can send me a sample content for the topic (from
 below mentioned) of your choice created with respect to Note: .

Diode Circuits: Review of diodes as rectifiers, Diode
clipping and clamping circuits.
Transistor biasing and stabilization: Operating point, analysis and design of fixed bias circuit, selfbias circuit, Emitter stabilized bias circuit, voltage divider bias circuit, stability factor of different
biasing circuits.
Transistor switching circuits: Transistor switching circuits,PNP transistors, thermal compensation

Transistor at low frequencies: BJT transistor modelling, CE fixed bias configuration, voltage
divider bias, emitter follower, CB configuration, collector feedback configuration, analysis using h –
parameter model, relation between h – parameters model of CE, CC and CB modes, Millers theorem
and its dual.
Transistor frequency response: General frequency considerations, low frequency response, Miller
effect capacitance, high frequency response, multistage frequency effects.

Multistage amplifiers: Cascade and cascode connections, Darlington circuits, analysis and design.
Feedback amplifiers: Feedback concept, different types, practical feedback circuits, analysis and
design of feedback circuits.

Power amplifiers: Amplifier types, analysis and design of different power amplifiers, distortion in
power amplifiers.
Oscillators: Principle of operation, analysis and derivation of frequency of oscillation of phase shift
oscillator, Wien bridge oscillator, RF and crystal oscillator and frequency stability. 

FETs: Construction, working andcharacteristics of JFET and MOSFET. Biasing of JFET and
MOSFET, JFET and MOSFET amplifiers, analysis and design. 

Thanks in advance.