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Content Coordinator / Manager

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Thanks for considering this offer, read it until the end. If you'll have any questions, ping me here. READ UNTIL THE END.

We are a fast growing company that's looking for a talented person who could manage the content for our entire group of websites. 

We have dozens of items each week that are being uploaded to various platforms and now we need one manager who'll handle this load.

Here are some examples of our lists, each page is an item (1 celebrity):



Your job will require you to:
1. Locate top performing potential items and write eye turning ad copies for them
2. Find enticing images and write killer headlines
3. Plan a weekly upload strategy. You'll have to allocate 100+ items to a group of 5+ website
4. Assign the item to the uploading team, and make sure that every uploader always has a campaign to upload
5. Be able to distinguish which item should work in each website, and allocate it to the correct listicle (i.e. houses or weight loss or any other)
6. Perform some analytical work such as making a suggestion to increase "pages per session" and reduce "bounce rate"
7. Train new campaign uploader to upload campaign

You'll be trained to do all of these, but you must come with a set of abilities to do this job.
So, what is "a must" for us?
1. Excellent English
2. Superb Creativity
3. Team Player
4. Great Communicator
5. Be Able To Manage A High Volume Of Tasks
6. Have a stable & fast internet connection

What's in it for you?
300-350$ for a full-time position (9 hours a day, 5 days a week).
Bonuses might be given for extraordinary achievements.

How To Apply?
Take the test, it's in the project's attached file. Send it to me, and I'll tell you how you did.