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Consulting & Demo API for 1 page: Later Full Implementation: PHP & JS & API

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This is the start of a large project.

We have a portal with a lot of functionality: Core PHP + MVC/MVVM + JS (mix of Jquery and Knockout.js) + MySQL.
(As long as you know core JS and JQuery you should be ok. I don't need you to write knockout.js  - just read it).

A potential client wants a local implementation with their branding: a web API.  I'm toying with this idea:

1) We create a minimum subset of front-end (view) files. We obfuscate to hide php/make it harder to re-use and install on the client's server

2) We keep all back-end files on our servers so back-end php, db and most JS.  We use tokens to provide authentication to allow data to pass.

Consulting: first I'd like to have a conversation and your thoughts on best approach.  Next I have more than one domain. It would be nice to test out loading our front-end icons on testDomain, that connects to "realDomain" to demo to the client. 5hrs mentioned is just for the "consulting session" and to demo 1 page API. All php and js is already written and working: we just need to add the tokens/adjust links/add the API part.

We also need the full API implementation and we also have a lot more PHP development so this could turn into a significant amount of work.