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Construction of resort and management of facilities. The Desert Rose Qatar.

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1000 high suites resort hotel, 360 condos, 360 offices (twin towers), 300,000 Sq ft indoor nautical entertainment center. Other facilities. We need financial forecasting for loan repayment based on fixed interest, interest paid on loan for 30 years at 4% per annum, bond interest over 10 years. Both notes must be paid consistently and monthly. We intend to pay off the bond in 2.5 years and the loan in 10 years. The loan proceeds will go directly into the project cost. A second fund from monetized bonds @ 6% annual interest will be invested into ETF's (Exchange Traded Funds), We want to show the lowest returns from this fund to demonstrate capacity to payment of interest for both funds. The worse monthly performance being 6%.
The condos will be presold during construction phase. It is possible we will decrease the office space to half the number in order to build up the equity to reinvest into the ETF's. We also need opex forecasting for the maintenance of the towers separate from the hotel and opex for the hotel including modeling minimum sales to demonstrate further ROI or break-even. Corporate taxes are fixed at 10% per annum, inflation may be factored if needed. We are not sure what the entertainment center and mall will yield in cashflow but need to make some assumptions. An Irrevocable letter of credit will be issued as a guarantee against default of payment. The interest we assume will be 4.5% on the high end. The cost of the LC is 2.5%, Insurance premium is estimated at different phases from. 50% in the beginning of construction, to 1.75% per annum once the project is completed and the valuation much higher.