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Conduct Market Research to find the cheapest wholesaler of Hand Sanitizer

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We're looking for a manufacturer to purchase large quantities of hand sanitizer from. You would be performing searches to find manufacturers that offer bulk purchase options - you would then provide their pricing sheet or pricing options.  In some cases, you may have to reach out to the manufacturers to get their pricing.  We must be able to ship the product to the United States. 

We are only looking for hand sanitizer that is 60% or higher alcohol.  

Our current price of product is $1.40 USD for a 500ml container and $1 USD for a 236 ml container.  So, we're only interested in companies that offer prices competitive to or cheaper than these.  Additionally, we're interested in other increments available and those prices.  

We are open to the manufacturer being in any country (e.g., India, China, Vietnam, South Korea, Mexico, etc.).

The job will pay by the hour for research purposes.  But, if one of the companies you find ends up being the company we purchase from, you will also receive a $50 bonus!

Alternatively, if you simply connect us to a manufacturer that we end up purchasing from, you will receive the $50 bonus.  

If you're interested in this research position, please include the phrase "0217" in your message so I know your read the post.  

Also, please indicate prior experience and what strategies you would use to find these manufacturers.

David McLaughlin