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Complete and Customize existing e-commerce multi vendor website

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I have an existing Multi Vendor e-commerce website using wordpress, woocommerce and dokan. I am looking a professional and dedicated developer who can complete and customize existing website.

Please read carefully all given points and then only bid if you are ready to start immediately and finish it very fast.

1.Logins:(i) Customer Login(ii) Vendor:1. Farmer login:  We will allow farmers to work on specific categories only,  those will be set by the admin.2. Vendor login : By this login vendor can work on entire categories/products including farmer's categories/products.Vendors/Farmers accounts will be approved by the admin.   

2. Vendor Plans : Vendor can choose one suitable plan from following, by default it will be 2% commission on sale amount.(i). 2% commission on sale amount.(ii). Rs. 999/Monthly Subscription,  no commission on sale amount.  

3. Farmer Plan:30 days free  trial period after that Rs. 299/Monthly subscription,  no commission. 

4.If a farmer/vendor does not pay their subscription/commission, their profile will be freeze and open only to pay by payment gateway. Admin can also freeze their profiles manually. 

5. Mobile number in all registration forms for customer, farmer, vendor. 

6. We will set list of Category and Subcategory for various products. I will give you few categories and subcategories list to upload. Admin can add more as and when required. Listing of category, sub categories, brands. 

7. While posting products Vendors/Farmers will Type Product name and then select Category and respective Sub-Category, brand, price, unit (Grams, Kgs, Meter, Liter ect like text typing).  

8. Product posting will display Rs. / unit like say, if posted Potato Rs.15 for 500 Grams, then it will display Rs. 15 / 500 Grams. Customers can increase quantity + button and decrease by - button. Show product listing on the home page with proper categories and as well as price with unit and unit increase and decrease buttons. Left side - Right side +  

9. Vendor and farmers can list unlimited products.  

10. Order booking, delivery and other messages on mobile and email both. 

11. Complete online booking orders, delivery and payment system with online payment and COD. Customer can pay directly to sellers and all payments will be paid to them directly.  

12. Assign order’s delivery to delivery boy.  

13. User can order without signup.  

14. Product listing display will be a nearby option and display of listing by categories, today’s deal, featured products. Post listing display flow: Nearby, City wise, District Wise, State wise, store name.  

15. Separate product display for farmers and vendors.  

16. Google map location for vendors and farmers. 

17. Notification to nearby users within 2 kms range  when Online Store open, so that buyers can see seller’s online store and purchase. 

19. Searching: Users can search on single or multiple conditions to get best results.  

20. Online stores display with all Search options by user name (farmer/vendor), their online store display on homepage  name, city name ect.  

21. Vendor/Farmer Online store “share” options.  

22. Mobile, tabs responsive, mobile web pages.  

23. Payment gateway with my banking details, I will you my banking details. I have Rezorpay account already.  

24. Wallet system for received and payments, dues with all transaction history. 

25. All transaction history and reports so that proper accounting can be make, how many orders places, how many delivered, how many cancelled. We can get any period reports to manage our accounting.  

26. Profile Online/Office, any user can make online and offline their profile or say vacation. 

27. Tutorial videos and contents, how to use our specific features. 

28. FAQ, T&C, Privacy Policy and other contents.  

29. If buyer wants to buy anything without selecting any products from franchisee’s store, we have to make it open for all so that sellers can contact them and make deals. Buyers can post their request by product name, quantity and city name.   

30. My favourites, so that user can directly see their online store and order. 

31. Admin management to manage referral %tage, subscription plans, vendor wise %tage of service charges, user’s profiles and all other activities. 

32. Language option English and Hindi  33. Add a user option, any user can add someone under his referral by their name, mobile number and unique password i.e. 123456, added user can change password. When this added user pay for any subscription plan, he will get defined referral incentive in their wallet. My referral, my chain showing how many users, farmers, vendors a user added through him so that we can give him defined referral incentive.

These are main features, rest what you can extra provide on the basis of your experience that is on you.

If you are not able to work in given budget please don't submit your proposal.