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Competent Human Robot Framework

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Mostly, I need someone who is less Indian and more American in work style - someone who won't ask me to download open source software for them, but will simply install it on their  own server and/or local environment, and get to work.

If you are a child looking for hand-holding, call your mother - do NOT reply to this post.

I have a RF script that's nearly done.  It enters SIC codes and area codes into a commercial database, and can click the Download button.   So it's 90% done, and the point is proven.

So, I need someone:
-A competent adult
-who knows Robot Framework, preferably with PyCharm
-who knows how to use a U.S., preferably Pennsylvania area, VPN
-To put the area codes into an array and make the code loop over them

I am pretty sure that we can automate the download process simply by clicking the buttons in the code, and setting the browser to an automatic download location.

This is a commercial database, so there are some defensive features like right click is disabled, so it's not as easy to ind the locators with Inspect.  How would you work around this?

To finish this script, and provide it to me.

With the VPN, I can share my two execllent Udemy courses on Robot Framework as well.

Answer the question, please.  I will only consider responses with the answer.

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