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Cold calling / data mining USA/CA project

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Need to call all companies from the longlist

you need to call only sellers and integrators, not manufacturers, this is very important

it is necessary to call them all and provide a report on the table the presence of call records is an advantage calling software - yours, you only need to call Indian numbers (Indian companies only)
the essence of the proposal - the Russian technological manufacturer 
(this company is supported by the Russian state, which means a reliable company)
is looking for a representative or partner in India, you need to call,
find out who you can personally discuss with, ask to connect with him
(or take his contacts), find out how and under what conditions
it is possible to become their supplier and partner,
write this data and others (in the example in the attachment) to the table

company (, specializes in manufacturing of equipment
for building foundations.

We already
prepared the longlist of the companies who might be interested in this kind of

You have to call
all of them, make a conversation and get all requested information: with who
you can personally talk about this proposal (ask to connect or get the
contacts); discuss how and under which conditions our company can become their
partner and supplier.

Make notes. It
supposed to be fully filled table in the end.