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Codeigniter SaaS app feature [PHP/SQL]

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Brief: I am running a SaaS application from a popular self-hosted marketing tool, It is using a SaaS framework and has existing tools and resouces, mainly it has packages, payment providers and an addon system, You will need to develop and put togther an affiliate managment addon for this.

Preferred Customizations: 
Since it's saas we have User and Admin

- Will need to be able to access a page to view all Refferal Details
- User will need to see Reports on how many times their link has been used in the last 30 days
- stats on how many refferals, How much their total earnings are
- Will need a tab to manage withdrawl options 
- Where they can see all payments made with their refferal code
- Their withraw history 
- See a list of people who used their reffeal code, if they used free trial or if they have a plan
- ToS page, with some static Text
- See their generated affiliate link

- Page to see all system packages
- BE able to select how much % each package will pay the affiliate
-ability to see withdraw requests
- get analytics on how much money has been made
- How much money affiliates have made
- total number of signups

- Will need to be able to track refferal codes from all users

Custom Illustrations/Icons?
None needed - I can provide some if neccessary but everything will be forms like the pictures provided.

Technology Preferences: 
CodeIgniter Experience preffered, must be able to add a basic design to the job so CSS/HTML is needed too, MySQL Work will be necessary.

This is a very popular self-hosted tool - If you're wanting to work on this project we can make this affiliate module an addon and sell it to users and do a 40/60 split in your favor and I can market and sell it to the community - if not put in your offer as normal.