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Code optimization program in java

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Task: The goal is to develop a source-to-source compiler that reduces the memory requirements of a
C program. A source-to-source compiler is an application that reads the text file of a C program and
writes a modified C program. GeCoS is a compiler infrastructure that that can read C programs into
an internal data structure, allows modifying it using GeCoS transformations and writes the internal
data structure back into a C file. Therefore, a GeCoS transformation should be developed replacing all
data types with data types of half the size. Implement this for the data types double (to float) and
integer (to short).
1. Use the GeCoS source-to-source compiler
2. Generate GeCos IR from C source code
3. Develop the described transformation pass
4. Generate C source code from GeCos IR
5. Write a small C program to test your transformation
After solving the task, please send us the developed Eclipse plugin with the source code for the
GeCoS transformation as well as the C program used for testing.
Information about the usage of GeCoS can be found here:
 Use an existing visitor pattern as the basis for the transformation.
 When using the GecosUserTypeFactory, the scope has to be set before the usage
 Keep the containment of the GeCoS objects in mind