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Civil Engineers that can do a project in British Codes

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The project is a project that consists of building design in British Code. The requirements are attached below. We require four copies of the project to be done. The price is negotiable, we are willing to give more money if it is required. A brief outlook of project is: 

1. A conceptual design report: One viable structural solution for the main building, together with their associated column/wall layouts. The solution should comprise sketches with supporting notes outlining the intended load transfer mechanisms, framing and stability functions, and some brief notes on construction methodology. A description of the foundation scheme adopted for the preferred solution with a rationale for the selection. A fully detailed design for the foundation scheme is not required. (max 12 A4 pages)

2. Design calculations for the selected scheme superstructure:  Sufficient design calculations by hand (calculation sheet included may be used) to establish the form and size of main structural elements for the chosen scheme. (max 15 A4 pages)

3. One drawing of the selected scheme superstructure: One A3 structural drawing should include ground floor plan, first floor plan, typical bedroom floor plan, section A-A and RC detail A.  The drawing should clearly show the disposition and dimensions of structural elements for estimation purposes. (one A3 page)

4. A sustainability appraisal. (max 3 A4 pages).