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Chicken and Egg Log. Mobile app for small chicken business

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I need a APP that can register a simple homestead project

Chicken Log / Report

1: Define Chicken Breed (dropdown with selection of productive breeds
2: Define number os chickens in your Homestead
3: Report Day By Day the egg production
4: Report day by day the type of food that is administered
5: Report the day by day temperature and wheather in the location
7: Count the Day by day eggs (by each chicken)
8: Allow Simple pictures of the daily eggs
9: Provide a simple Return on the investment (food per day, cost of purchase of chicken, cost of materials, cost of transport)
10: Allow to register the sales / giveaways to friends and family of the eggs …. Calculate the ammount of Money saved instead of going to buy in a supermarket
11: Be able to deploy in Google store for all platforms at a cost of 1.99

I will be sending over the graphics for the app and i really need something that looks nice / farming design