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Chartoon Charector Animation 15 -20 Seconds

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I need the character intro

 he would walk onto the screen with a gun on his side, once he got to the middle of the screen 2 "bad guys" would fall down and my character would quickly fight them and then turn facing forward and pull out his gun and shoot the screen. The idea is a shield from our logo would be the bullet, so it would come quickly and have a glass breaking effect on the screen. Once the Shield is on the screen there would be a machine gun shooting bullet holes making the big letters of our logo (which is an F and a C) and then the rest of the letters of the logo would fade into sight. Please let me know if there any questions . the idea is it would be about 15-20seconds. We figured the person would walk onto the screen which would take about 2-3sec then he would fight just 2 bad guys fast so maybe 3-5sec, then he would turn facing the screen and shoot the gun and the shield and we figured that would take around 10sec or so with the bullets shooting on the screen and showing the logo. all estimated times of course but just to give an idea. The character and the fight would be 2D (think of the stick figures fighting just with actual animated people) and then the character would shoot the screen, the shield being the bullet. The glass would break leaving the shield from our logo, then the letters F and C would quickly be shot into place with machine gun noise and the rest of the letters would fade into place. There is no actual 3D. Does this make sense?