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Cab Booking Android App

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Selected candidate will have to develop an Android or iOS App where people could book free cabs. If you can develop this app within 7-10 days. Source code will be our property.
We will not even award you the project without checking 50% work. After checking 50% work Apk only, we will give 25% amount.

Suppose you want to go for shopping, movie, restaurants, nightclubs, disco, jewellery shops, you just need to go there by your own car or book any taxi using our mobile app.

Customer will have to open our app first and browse for the list of restaurants or nighclubs nearby and find where and for what they want to go. Then a list of restaurants or Nightclubs should be opened with images of that place, their star rating, cost for two people, distance from customer's location. Then customer will have to confirm their seats or visit at that place to avail our offer. If restaurant or nightclub or showroom us offering any additional discount then it should be displayed on the profile of that place.
Then by booking the cab by our partner apps (for that cab booking api needs to be integrated) using our mobile app, we will instantly add 200 points in customer's e-wallet in mobile app. (E-wallet to be developed.

When customer go to that showroom, restaurant, nightclub and your purchase bill is above 3000 INR, then your 200 points will be redeemed and customer will have to pay 200 INR less amount.
Those 200 Points should be valid only for 6 hours. After 6 hours, those reward points should be disappeared from wallet.

Each customer should be restricted for availing this offer only once in 24 hours.

Suppose if I avail this offer today at 7pm then next time I should be able to avail this offer after 7pm tomorrow only.

There should be banners space on homepage of the app where restaurants, showrooms could give their advertisements.

Our offer should be redeemed only on partner restaurants and showrooms.
While booking the cab, customer should select the restaurant or showroom or nightclubs or any other partner profile and confirm their seat or shopping, then only cab should appear.

When any booking is made on our listed partner's profile then a notification and email should go to notification panel of that partner's dashboard mentioning that this customer, name, mobile number, address has booked your service.

If partner wishes to offer more discount then they could send the offer from their dashboard to customer's whatsapp directly. (Whatsapp needs to be integrated in the app) Payment gateway should be integrated.

There should be three panels
Admin panel web page
Customer panel
Partner panel

There should be google map integration on the app, there should be distance calculator in the app so that it could display live location abd distance of partner from customer's location.

Partner should be able to add or remove images in their profile and make changes in the price of offer discounts to their customers.

Partner should be able to see their daily/weekly/monthly sales, orders, discounts given to customers etc.

After making any purchases and making payment on any partner profile, a feedback or rating feature should appear. After customer give a feedback, only customer or admin can remove that feedback.