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C programmer to do solve a small project

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build a system to maintain information of a dictionary.
Your program should read a set of words and their relevant information from a
file named Words.txt. The user should be then able to enter words into the
dictionary with their relevant information.
The format of the input data is as follows:
Word: meaning1, meaning2, ... , meaningN / a synonym * an
antonym. N ≥ 1.
old: advanced in age, aged, antique / ancient * new
To keep track of the dictionary, a computer program based on an AVL tree data
structure should be implemented.
1. You are required to implement a program to help creating the dictionary by
including the following operations of an AVL tree:
 Read Words.txt file and create the dictionary (i.e., AVL Tree).
 Insert a new word from user with all its associated data (up to three
 Find a word and give the user the option to update the information of the
word if found.
 List words in the dictionary in lexicographic order with their associated
meanings, synonyms, and antonyms.
 List all synonym and antonyms of a given word.
 List all words that start with the same first letter in lexicographic order.
 Delete a word from the dictionary.
 Delete all words that start with a specific letter.
 Save all words in file
2. Then create a Hash Table using the dictionary data of the previous step (use
words as keys) and implement the following functions on the hash table:
 Print hashed table (i.e., print the entire table to the screen including
empty spots).
 Print out table size.
 Print out the used hash function.
 Insert a new record into the hash table.
 Search for a specific word.
 Delete a specific record.
 Save hash table back to file.