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C# NIST Random Number Generator and Test Suite

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Briefly: You need to provide a console app solution that converts a C++ function to a C# function. It will returns true (for pass) or false (for fail) if you don’t pass “truly” random numbers to it it.

Detais: In our project we need to use a random number generator that’s “cryptographically secure”. There’s many classes ( RNGCryptoServiceProvider is an example ) and libraries in C# that do it, so that part is easy. But we also need to make sure that it passes 4 of the 15 tests by NIST ( ). These tests are only provided in C++ in the document so we need to create them in C# to prove that it works. Here’s the 4 tests functions you would have to create:
1. The Frequency (Monobit) Test,
2. Frequency Test within a Block,
3. Runs Test
4. The Overlapping Template Matching Test.

3 out of 4 are provided by Microsoft here ( but since the post is from 2013, you need to make sure those tests haven’t passed.

Other: I wasn’t able to find a C# wrapper to the current NIST tests, but if there is one you can use, then just use that and provide the solution to me.

You can see the 4 C++ files corresponding to the tests in this folder: