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Build me an app for food sharing

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The idea:
I want an app that is used for food sharing. Specifically, the app aims to solve the problem that people do not know whether the food they eat is healthy or not. In this app, the users can simply upload the picture of their food into this app, and then the other users can comment on the posted food. If the user wants to take a specific idea from the nutritionist, they should pay for it. With deeper discussion, the poster will know more about the food they ate and know how to improve the ingredient the next time.e.

The functionality of the app:
First of all, everyone should register an account in this app

Secondly, I need an app where users can upload photos and texts.The page looks like this. The normal users can interact with the poster by replying only one-time (Otherwise it will makes the page looks messy!) And the poster can also only reply to the normal user for one-time.

The third requirement for the app is a place to interact with other users. Once the user pays for the service, the nutritionist can private message the user to have a further discuss! (The private message function is only available to the one who pays) It can be annual subscription (500 dollars per year) or monthly subscription (50 dollars per month).

There is not much requirement for UI/UX. However, the basic functionality of the app should be met.

The DDL and rewards:
I need to see the finished app as soon as possible. The maximum allowed time is 5 days. The bid price is around 70 dollars. It can float depending on the quality of your final work.